David Zunker

David is a practitioner and teacher of Qabalistic Ceremonial White Magic, Meditation, Astrology, Tarot, and Wicca.

In his work, David has experienced prophetic visions, met with non-physical intelligences, and beings from other realities. These experiences are not the subjects of his presentations, stories of paranormal experiences are not what touches individuals. David prefers to give people a memorable experience of their own.

David currently conducts classes in Tarot, Meditation, and Ceremonial Magic privately, though local community centers, and continuing education programs.
Previously, he has presented workshops at the BC Museum of Anthropology “Face to Face Conference”, the Shambhala Music Festival, The Gathering for Life on Earth, and at team building/training events for employers. He has also done some stand-up comedy and provides a spiritual message, with an element of humor and lightheartedness.

He has had the privilege of being trained in Ceremonial Magic and Wicca. It is his joy and satisfaction to be able to impart the knowledge and experience of the spiritual and magical Self that we each are, to any and all whom he contacts in these ways. At workshops he endeavors to provide each participant with a direct personal experience of the magical and spiritual energy that resides in all of us.

During Tarot and Palm Readings, David provides psychically accessed information, which demonstrates the existence of a spiritual reality beyond this 3-D world stuck in time. His pleasure is to show you that you have a Soul.

Medicine or Calling

A blending of magical forms: Wiccan, complex magic through Tree of Life Pathworkings, Hermetic Qabala and Encochian Magic.

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