Dr. Rachel

Dr. Rachel is a naturopathic physician, yoga instructor, Thai massage therapist and healing artist. She maintains a small private practice with the world-renowned herbalist Jillian Stansbury and also practices at an integrative care clinic in the Pacific Northwest.

Dr. Rachel received her naturopathic medical degree from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona, and has been teaching yoga and practicing Thai massage for 7 years. She also has an undergraduate degree in psychology and gender and diversity studies from Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. Dr. Rachel loves to interweave the principles of her training and education with her own intuitive gifts and deep understanding of the human spirit. She has a particular interest in the fields of psychoneuroimmunology and consciousness studies. She uses this knowledge alongside many years of spiritual work and self-actualization to help people understand the root cause of their issues, heal deep seeded emotional wounds and awaken to the beauty within.

As a naturopath, she believes strongly in the principles of Tolle Totum (Heal the Whole Person— physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) and Vis Mediatrix Naturae (The Healing Power of Nature—the body’s innate self-healing capability). Dr. Rachel has been blessed with strong and intuitive hands and brings a beautiful grounded and compassionate presence to every healing session.

Alongside her twin flame, Dr. Rachel has been an avid festival participant since 2009 and is the mother of an amazing crystal child named Solomon.

Medicine or Calling

I am an integrative healing artist. I have studied and practiced many healing disciplines including naturopathy, herbal medicine, homeopathy, shamanism, Ayurveda/yoga, Reiki and Thai massage. I am most interested in psychoneuroimmunology--how the intellectual and emotional mind affects our nervous and immune systems. I work very much with the emotional body, helping people to understand their emotional wounds and blockages and how these are manifested in their bodies. Because of my eclectic resume, I think of myself as one who walks the middle ground... I am as approachable and accessible to those who have only experienced Western Medicine and culture as I am to those who have been on their spiritual journey/ascension for some time. I am a hands-on healer and teacher with a grounded yet playful energy.

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