Mayan Butterfly

In 2012, Mayan Butterfly (Anna Maria Chio) participated in Peace and Dignity Run for Sacred Water, which started in Alaska & ended in Guatemala. This run was to commemorate the prophecies of the Eagle & Condor. As a result of this run, the waters chose Mayan Butterfly to Unite waters from across the Globe in order to Unite Humankind to bring about Peace.

Also, three amazing Skulls chose her to transmit their stories of Mother Earth’s past, present & future. These Skulls have also shown her how to tap into her Soul Language/Light Language, so that she can transmit messages from our Galactic family & communicate with others that also speak this Language of the Heart.

Medicine or Calling

Anna is a Sacred Water Carrier, a Crystal Skull Translator, and can tap into our Soul's Language - Light Language.


Festival Locations:

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