Santi Lou

Nathan is an artists and connoisseur of life. He holds degrees in Agriculture and in Natural Resources. Through his interests and endeavors, Nathan has gained an extensive understanding of plants, specializing in the cultivation of foods and medicines. Nathan loves to drink tea and has been cultivating his practice of gongfu cha (traditional Chinese tea ceremony) for over a decade. A spiritual journey to Hawaii in 2011 opened up his awareness about Mayan astrology and kava. As a result, Nathan returned to his hometown of San Diego with renewed vigor. Since returning, he has been hosting community gatherings under the name of Mongol Tribe. His gatherings bring together local artists and musicians in celebration and alignment with natural events, including full and new moons, equinoxes, and solstices. Nathan has a passion for inspiring humans to better understand themselves so that they may enhance their relationships with others. Nathan is kin 229, red galactic moon, which is on the white magnetic wind wavespell. His purpose is thus to bring from past to present, the communication and breath of spirit, through purifying the flow of universal water within us all. In lak’ech (I am you, and you are me), bula (to life), and many blessings!

Medicine or Calling

I am an active community builder. I have organized and hosted full moon, new moon, equinox, and solstice gatherings for four years within San Diego, particularly Ocean Beach and the surrounding areas. I have shared the beautiful medicine of kava kava with thousands of people. I have a passion for inspiring people. One of my greatest gifts is the ability to understand, interpret, and communicate about complex ideologies so that others may better relate. I have been working with the 13-moon calendar for five years, incorporating it into my daily life and practice. I utilize Mayan astrology as a tool for interpreting the world around me and assisting others in better understanding themselves and their relationships. I am called to participate at Lucidity because I attended the inaugural event, where I regularly shared my understandings of Mayan astrology with my fellow dreamers. The responses I received inspired me to continue my educational pursuits and further share my interpretations with my community. I have a background in agriculture (A.S. from Yuba College) and natural resources (B.S. from Oregon State). My educational pursuits specialized in fish and wildlife conservation. My interests have led me to focus on the cultivation of native plants, as well as specialty foods and medicines.

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