Musician, teacher, speaker, Peace Maker, healer, visionary, wisdom keeper. Shine and the Peace Sticks Tribe lead workshops in personal transformation, and World Peace Ceremonies, unlocking human potential, and reconnecting us in balance, love and peace to all our relations.

Shine is the co-creator of Peace Sticks International, and founder of Peaceful Ninja, Peace Circle Nicaragua and Shining Lion Black Feet Music. He holds an honors degree in biology and minors in psychology philosophy, and Spanish.

Shine’s love of surfing, and study of the movement, healing and energy traditions of indigenous cultures has led him on a life-long journey to gather powerful teachings. He has traveled to over 13 countries, learning five languages, and training in Taoism, Yoga, and South American, African and Native American Tribal ways. He has studied Munay Ki, Chi Gung and Tai Chi sword with Chinese Martial Arts Grand Master Zhou, and trained with the International Council of Indigenous Grandmothers. He teaches in the areas of nutrition, plant medicine, wholistic transformation, group dynamics and world peace.

Shine and the Peace Sticks Tribe have led hundreds of World Peace Ceremonies, and the forest of world peace continues to grow exponentially.

“We give our deepest gratitude for you and this opportunity to unite, harmonize energies and create a vibration of peace for all beings. 1 Love, World Peace, Aho Mitakuye Oasin”

Medicine or Calling

My calling is in connecting us to ourselves, each other and nature, through music, movement, prayer, ceremony, and ancient wisdom.


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