Unity is an avid explorer of life, gifted empath, channel, skilled communicator, networker, bridge builder, Certified PSYCH-K Health & Wellness Facilitator, and passionate ascension guide, through her clear and open transmissions of The Unity of Alchemy.

She has traveled the world extensively, volunteered hundreds of hours with many non-profit organizations and holds a deep love and reverence for all life.

The natural world has been her greatest teacher and she embodies the wisdom of star knowledge and the sacred portal keepers. For several years she has been actively involved with the activation of the grids and leylines of the planet as well as offering water blessings around the earth.

She has developed deep and trusted relationships with wisdom keepers of our times, from indigenous elders to quantum physicists and seeks to share the wisdom of the ages in support of collective awakening. She envisions a world of global peace, harmony, balance and abundance for all, supporting empowerment through the restoration of our collective primordial blueprint.

She is currently working closely with the protocols of The Four Powers of The Maori, sacred wisdom for clearing and restoration of the DNA of ‘the person’, structures and the land.

She is placing an expanded focus on community building, connecting with others on co-creative levels to usher in projects that honor and support unity consciousness and the well being of all life.

This year will be Unity’s 3rd year of participating as a Wisdom Keeper on the The Council For Peace at Lucidity.

Medicine or Calling

My medicine is surfing...my calling is service to the awakening of consciousness

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