Ambika Daniella

Ambika Daniella is the founder and creator of Body Temple Yoga:tm: and Body Temple Yoga:tm: School. She has been teaching for 13 years and transforming the lives of many through her offerings of alignment-based Hatha Yoga and Heart-Centered Awareness teachings. She is a Sound Healer, Bhakti, Jnana and Karma Yogini all wrapped into one. She rolls from the Heart, is generous in her offerings and teachings and an inspiring role model and mentor for many. She is known for her precise structural alignment as a gateway to line up with the Heart and her inspiring yogic wisdom that she beautifully weaves into a tapestry of listening to the body and the Heart’s wisdom with their most creative and empowered self. She is most known for her ability to channel Universal teachings that all walks of life can relate to bringing human connection and profound transformation to each class.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Gentle Body Temple and Sacred Sound

    Join Ambika Daniella and guest Sound Healer Shane Chunephisal as they bring Heart alignment into your body temple and raise your vibrations to that of Love with Gentle Alignment-based Hatha Yoga practice with a backdrop of Sound Healing: Crystal infused singing bowls, Gemini bells, Crystal Harp, Koshi chimes, Sansuela finger piano and tongue drum with live singing/toning and Harmonium playing by Ambika Daniella. This experience will deeply nourish your body and soothe your Heart! Includes anointings of essential oils blends for the Heart and Intuition.

    90 min | Healers’ Sanctuary
  • Follow Your Yes

    This Body Temple Yoga™ sequenced class is designed to support you finding your YES in every moment. First by following the guidance of what feels good in your body through alignment-based, Heart-Centric Hatha Yoga and guided by the sounds of live musicians and sound healers. Following your YES is the basis for following your Intuition, your body's innate wisdom and your Heart to be in total alignment with your Soul's path. Come experience the interplay of music and yoga, what feels good in your body and follow your YES! Expect an active and playful class with demonstrations and helpful hands on adjustments.

    90 min | Warriors Way

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