Amrita Rose

Amrita Rose is a healer, performer, and founder of the Serpent Sanctum, a nonprofit dedicated facilitating empowerment, healing and the arts through sacred serpent wisdom. The serpent has long been a symbol of the Goddess, feminine power and awakened kundalini which expressing can help rebalance our collective psyche. Amrita believes that the serpent touches people on an emotional level, triggering the subconscious to review its patterns and bringing people into abrupt presence. Serpent Sanctum weaves together sacred serpent dance with belly dance, contact improv and temple dance to create a modern incarnation of an ancient art form. The Serpent’s powerful symbolism of transformation, fertility, and healing guides the workshops with a wealth of mythology, archetypal patterns and in person wisdom.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Shedding the Skin: Serpent's Wisdom of Cycles & Intention

    The Serpent's Wisdom of Cycles is seen in it's monthly shedding of the skin, a reminder to slough off all that does not serve. We will dance out what no longer serves in ourselves, plant the seeds of intention in the space that is created, and have the opportunity to be inspired by our serpent friends.

    60 min | Goddess Grove
  • Balancing the Masculine & Feminine

    In the balance between Heaven and Earth, God and Goddess, Active and Receptive, lives divine harmony. It is essential to alchemically join these two energies in a balanced way to become whole beings, to fully come into our power as the dreamers and manifestors of our own reality. We all have, and need our masculine and feminine characteristics and behaviors to thrive. You will be given a potent key to switch your polarity back and forth AT WILL, so that you can access the skill sets inherent in each aspect, which we help you be more effective in every aspect of your life. Acquiring a greater understanding of these two polar forces will bring you into a greater balance with yourself, and assist our community and our world to have greater balance.

    60 min | Goddess Grove


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