Anya Lei Nirvana and Alexander Ray Nirvana

Anya Lei Nirvana and Alexander Ray Nirvana are a dynamic twin flame couple who unite their unique healing abilities and psychic channels to help align mind-body-spirit of individuals to transform their life and partnerships. Their purpose in serving humanity lies in helping others heal themselves, thus guiding them on their ultimate soul path to nirvana. Anya is a transformational coach, clinical hypnotherapist, tarot alchemystic, Reiki practitioner and Red Tent facilitator and has been hosting Goddess circles for four years in addition to facilitating workshops and festival offerings. Her extensive 9 year experience of channeling tarot readings and studying with masters in Ukraine, United States and India, along with psychotherapy graduate school, has given her the foundation and tools to cultivate an intuitive healing experience grounded in ancestral wisdom. A curious creature by nature, Anya is currently focused on expanding her experiential learning and will be traveling to Southeast Asia with her partner in the summer. Alexander is a shamanic facilitator, intuitive massage therapist, tibetan throat singer and reiki practitioner. With 6 years of experience, Alexander has been guiding others into the depths of their shadow, combining humor, compassion and powerful intuition. His approach differs for each individual, giving them exactly what they need to grow on their path. He is here to comfort the disturbed, and disturb the comfortable. Raw, real and respectful, Alexander offers a unique approach to healing. Alexander & Anya unite shadow and light, body and mind, merging their healing talents to create a wildly healing experience.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Inner Child Healing

    This workshop is focused on bringing awareness to the importance of inner child healing on a multitude of levels. We will be discussing the psychology and metaphysics behind the wounded child and offering practical ways to empower the inner child. Each participant will begin to honor their inner child archetype and become aware of its unique needs. The beauty of our inner children is that they can be expressed in a number of ways, so we will be playfully exploring and allowing our inner children to lead the workshop. Starting with lightness and playing so everyone can let go and have fun, we will move into deepening vulnerability so foundational healing can occur. This workshop will be truly liberating from old outdated constructs and belief patterns, and will provide a newfound self-understanding to participants while they transform into their child like selves.

    90 min | Healers’ Sanctuary

Festival Locations:

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