Anya Zama Deva

Anya Zama Deva is a New Earth Visionary & Stewardess, Ascensional Artist & Alchemist, 13 Moon Priestess, Multidimensional Mystic, Quantum Bliss Activist, Cultivator of Crystalline Consciousness, Liquid LoveLight Lyra-cist, Detox & Holistic Health Enthusiast, Lucid Dreamstress, Devotee of Mother Gaia Goddess, a Mother herself, and dedicated to the awakening awareness of the Divine Dance of God-Goddess Union within ALL!

Her formal training in this life started with Reiki, then Acupressure, Cranial Sacral, Emie Qigong, 13 Moon Priestess, sound healing, and more recently was trained in Detox Mastery through the Natalia Rose Institute and was also went through a Holistic Health Mastery Program and received certification as a ‘Master of Holistic Health’.

Her calling now is to hold the space of stewardship for planetary ascension & New Earth awareness, while supporting others in their journey of ascension…through the activation and integration of multidimensional mastery, crystalline consciousness, applied Vedic wisdom, and compassion in action. Her emphasis is in the realm of holistic health and healing, and the purification, refinement, and soul emBODYment of our Sacred Sovereign Temple Space!

Workshops & Presentations

  • Ascensional Alchemy for Multidimensional Mastery

    The Ascension process is quite a phenomenal experience designed to illuminate our consciousness as we reawaken into wholeness and access our Multidimensional Mastery…and it is one of magic, mystery, and flat out FULL ON challenging work at times!

    This workshop will offer transformational tools and integrative knowledge to support the infusion of more grace and ease into our daily ascensional awakening.
    We will address ‘33 Alchemical Elements of Health & Wholeness’ that serve to shed the loving light of self-awareness upon our lives, as well as simplify the soul’s emBODYment process and enJOYment upon this Earthly plane!

    We will also discuss the dynamic aspects of our Divine Design – how our subtle spiritual bodies interface with our physical body, and your infinite potential as a programmer of your reality!

    At this pivotal point in the crossroads, there is no time like the present to step fully into your Ascended Multidimensional Mastery!

    60 min | Goddess Grove
  • Detox Dharma Talk

    Detoxing is a sacred service that delivers divine love, light, and life…to YOUR Self!

    It is an essential part of our ascensional and alchemical spiritual journey to let go of what no longer serves so we can make space for new opportunities, fresh frequencies, and more lucidity in our lives.

    Come to get the lowdown on how to detox safely, effectively, and with the cycles of nature for optimizing your energy, health, and intuitive connection!

    We will also explore the wisdom systems of Ayurveda and Taoist Tonic Herbalism alongside the science of raw living nutrition for creating whole being harmony and cultivating bliss biochemicals!

    This discussion is intended to inspire you to refine how you relate to your Sacred Sovereign Temple Space and empower you to consciously co-create a lucid lifestyle of limitless vitality for sustainably fueling you on your own unique dharmic mission through the crossroads…and beyond!

    60 min | Healers’ Sanctuary
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