Barbara Wishingrad

Barbara Wishingrad has been an environmental steward for over thirty years. Her background is in holistic health, midwifery, therapeutic bodywork, and child development. She holds a certificate in Permaculture Design (May 2007), is an Accredited Professional through ARCSA (American Rainwater Catchment Systems Assoc) (Sept 2008), a Certified Water Harvesting Practitioner through Watershed Management Group (July 2009), and a Certified Greywater Installer through Greywater Action (Nov 2009). She has studied Ecological Design, Water Management, Watershed Restoration, Keyline Design, Soil Food Web, and organic gardening. Barbara has a BA in History from UC Berkeley.

Barbara is a founding member and the coordinator of Sweetwater Collaborative. She is also a project designer and workshop instructor. Barbara is a board member of Interplay, a local non-profit that facilitates a collaborative culture and is working to help start up cooperative ventures in our area.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Rainwater Harvesting: Solution for Drought or Deluge

    This is an interactive workshop introducing the concept of rainwater harvesting --the depth, breadth, and skinny of it...not only what it means and how to do it, but why it's important for all of us to know and care about. During most of the workshop, participants will be in a circle so we can relate to everyone who is present. A 45 minute PowerPoint starts it off, followed by a discussion. The Eight principles of rainwater harvesting will be covered, as well real life applications in our community.

    Sweetwater Collaborative has ideas and experience implementing innovative solutions that can make a difference in both drought and deluge. The same principles that save water or create new and different sources of water can be applied to getting too much water on our properties, streets, and neighborhoods.

    Slow, spread, and sink the water. It's that simple. Learn more in this workshop

    90 min | Lucid City
  • Community Based Water Wisdom

    This workshop is a co-created exploration of how we as a community can work, play and learn together to enhance water wisdom in our area. Sweetwater Collaborative, one of the main players in the water wise world in south Santa Barbara County, will share different aspects of their community work, including their barn raising model, social justice for local maintenance gardeners and other organizations and groups they work alongside. Participants will explore other possibilities that flow out of the conversation, as well as look at a PowerPoint to get inspiration. The majority of this workshop will be played out in a circle, looking into each other’s eyes and hearts.

    60 min | Lucid University
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