Born and raised in Santa Barbara with connection to the original people who carry diverse oral histories. Those histories reveal more detail in the hidden European past than the written history will acknowledge, but the oral histories explain comprehensively the written histories deficiencies.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Koinoinia - The Bard

    Koinoinia - With The Bard (Ancient Greek & Medieval bridging of cultures ) - A public meeting of greater intimacy than is usual.
    The name Koinoinia is chosen because the our collective cultural past is more difficult and varied than is known. Culture is about needs so the knowledge presented, filling the many gaps in history or the many misrepresentations we contend with, is designed around empowering needed activism. Functional activism reduces stress, anxiety and increases needed collaboration changing the cells of our beings through epigenetics. Empowering all living things is at the basis of a new social design rooted in our shared, functional past. Since we are not alone, we are not a select and isolated group that gets to chose its own way, we must merge with society at large.

    Natural law, spiritually impelled can manifest society congruent with the best existing social social structures.

    120 min | Lucid University
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