Cam I Am

Cam I Am, also known as Cameron Dollinger, is an dancer and movement artist who plays in the surreal. Meshing the believable and unbelievable, the elegant with the unusual, the terrestrial with the otherworldly. When performing he entices audiences to question their grasp on what they know to be true and possible. Also a skilled and practiced teacher, Cam has taught classes around the globe relating to flow and movement arts, Popping (also known as Pop and Lock), and many of the various ways to take these art forms to higher levels in our own practice. With a thorough understanding of various teaching methods, concepts, and techniques, Cam is able to offer something for everyone, from beginner to advanced. Cam has performed and taught at Lucidity festival for the last three years and is excited to bring his offering again for Lucidity 2016: Crossroads.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Get Wiggly: the Art of waving, snaking, and body isolations

    Be like water, be the wave. This class is all about getting organic and fluid, and learning to wiggle and ungulate in all sorts of various ways. A crash course in the styles known as Waving, Snaking, and Body isolations, this class is a must for anyone wanting to level up their dance skills. All skill levels welcome, we'll start with basics and work our way up in complexity in each various style. At the end of the class we will have a group cypher where everyone will have an opportunity to try out some of what they have learned.

    75 min | Warriors Way
  • Double Staff Flow & Flavor

    This class on double staff is going to be a doozy. We will learn various techniques using Double staffs (or clubs) and then learn how to make them our own by adding unique and interesting flavor and flare. Whether you are a beginner or a master, this class will have something for everyone as we discover all sorts of new ways to elaborate and punctuate many of the tried and true concepts in this expressive movement art!

    75 min |


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