Caspar Poyck

Caspar F.C.M. Poyck C.Ht. is the creator of Digestive Therapy. The Digestive Therapy recognizes that allergies, digestion problems, inflammation etc. are not merely the result of diet. The solution is not just in eliminating certain foods.
Sadness, anxiety, obsessive compulsions and loneliness lead to various kinds of emotional eating and fasting. These forms of stress also lead to hormone imbalance, suppressed digestion, an overactive autoimmune response etc.

Digestive Therapy focuses on how psychology, spirituality and emotions affect both eating behavior and the Autonomic Nervous System. In private therapy, on annual retreats in the US, Europe and Costa Rica and in speaking engagements and workshops, Caspar helps change behavior, perception, emotional response and even the dining- and kitchen environments themselves.

“Caspar provides the most tremendous gift of awakening, perspective, and life. Without his lecture and words of truth, I very likely would be dead.”
~Vera, a Foundation for Living Beauty retreat attendee and survivor of stage 4 breast cancer with lesions in pelvis and spine.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Supercharged Brainhacking

    To increase success of life's most primal purpose; survival, we get triggered into a heightened state of subconscious learning when we eat!
    Right before and during a meal, the brain is flooded with dopamine and serotonin activity to stimulate emotion, memory and learning.
    Whether you call it "prayer" or "positive psychology, self-hypnosis", learn how you can use mealtime ritual, and the neurotransmitters that are released to supercharge brain hacking and shift your subconscious psychology to manifest a better life!

    60 min | Lucid University
  • Emotions and Food Allergies

    When we try to resolve weight, digestion or autoimmune issues, most people tend to look to diet and nutrition for an answer. Many people will continue to become more obsessed and restricted in their diet while their issues don't fully resolve and sometimes even aggravate.

    Foods affect our body and mind. Emotional well-being affects eating behavior, stress response, digestion problems, inflammation, auto-immune reactions and other autonomic nervous system imbalance that affect how the body deals with foods. True holistic healing looks at how body affects mind and how mind affects body!

    Nutrition and diet work address important elements of biochemical healing. This workshop focuses on the often neglected, and equally important component: emotional, psychological and spiritual healing.

    60 min | Lucid University


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