Chyla Walsh & Ocho the Owl

Making magic for over three years now, Chyla Walsh and Ocho the Owl have found their home in performing together. Their weekly yoga classes featuring Ocho’s live Devotional Looping have become a staple for their community in Santa Barbara, California.

Chyla is an avid music lover and finds weaving the two modalities frees her to co-create with her students and the devotion they bring to their mat. Chyla and Ocho are hitting the road this summer! Starting off with Lucidity Festival in the mountains outside their hometown sharing their love of music, yoga and the collective evolution, they are stoked to hit up festivals across the country. They share an empowered vision to spread the O.N.W.A.R.D. Experience to people around the world creating tribe and activated community.

Ocho the Owl is a professional multi-instrumentalist, signed with Yogi-Tune Records, averaging over 150 performances a year. He dreams of one day taking his unique style of Devotional Looping to all corners of the planet. Chyla is the Founder of the Female Rebels, a women’s group in Santa Barbara, where women gather to empower one another in following their wildest dreams. She has been sharing the practice of yoga for six years across the US, and is in love with teaching yoga in her hometown of Santa Barbara, for three years now.

Workshops & Presentations

  • The ONWARD Experience

    Be the change you wish to see. Get real about what you want and need. Here's how...let us show you. The time is now rebel hearts, for us to unite, open wing and take flight. Awaken to your wildest dreams. Break free! With illusions of separation everywhere, your medicine is needed. The Magic inside you will not wait. Our fast track catalyst to growth and conscious evolution is each other. Together we manifest our new tomorrow. Shedding the veils of separation, walking side by side into our Waking Dream. Join us for The ONWARD Experience: Open: Breathwork Nurture: Healing Yoga Flow Wish: Writing & Prayer Awaken: Chant Rejuvenate: Dance Party Dream: Sing & Manifestation Meditation May we have the courage to unleash our full potential so we can truly Be here for one another. “Dear one, I am really here for you.” Thich Nhat Hanh

    120 min | Warriors Way

Festival Locations:

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