Colby Tromblee

As a young mermaid-goddess, Colby Tromblee had a high level of consciousness about our water. She was super mindful when using water and had a true over-standing of its vitality and preciousness from a young age. Today with her esoteric knowledge of water symbolizing consciousness, it really reflects her role as a teacher of the conscious path and how to propel our collective community onto a sustainable life path that involves more mindfulness and spirituality. Colby chose to attend Yoga Teacher training instead of college and has since chosen alternative life paths that were guided from her inner world rather than that of society. As a lover of prophecy she has attended prophesied gatherings such as the 2012 Palenque Rainbow Gathering and 13 Indigenous Grandmothers Council Gathering . She travels all over the blessed coast praying for water and shifting the consciousness levels. Her most recent spiritual journey was in Big Sur, living out on highway 1 in a VW bus, working at Esalen institute and meditating on the hot primordial waters overlooking the ocean.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Gaiadance from the Yoniverse

    Receive gaiadance from the Yoniverse, that sacred place that resides within you ladies! We are all masStars coming into this life with already present and refined gifts. This is an opportunity to shine that star-light on our darkest place, our womb. To have a conscious connection with this part of ourSelf allows us to tap more easily into Source, the erengy which inspirals our creative powers. In this Prayeramony, we will circle as systers for wisdom shares, celestial downloads and prayers for peace. Touching on the topics of moon cycles, daily spiritual rituals and self-love tools, also the literal touching of wombs! All wombs will be blessed and initiated, giving each woman permission to reclaim her power and rise in love with her self. A cosmic reYonion of babes!

    60 min | Goddess Grove
  • Gaiadance Prayerformance

    Come play, come pray! Join Colby as she offers her captivating presence to create sacred Prayeramonial space for all beings to deepen their connection to themselves, the Divine!

    This will be a dynamic offering, with the participation of all, we will move, sing, pray, focus, mannafest, and declare dreams into reality! An opportunity to break down societal norms allowing our natural spiritual expressions to come through and be witnessed more openly within our community. This ceremony will allow for the full transmission of our truth to be heard and witnessed by each other therefor speeding up the process to our greatest dreams. Everyone will openly get to share their triumphs therefore amplifying the success we want and attracting all that is aligned with our truth.

    60 min | Healers’ Sanctuary


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