Connor Jones

Connor Jones is a certified permaculture designer and teacher with a lifelong fascination for ecology, anthropology, and traditional food systems. As a child he marveled at the wonders of nature in immersion with it and in small assembled ecosystems created at home. Later in life farming, and his love for ecology began to merge with the introduction to permaculture design. His discoveries led him to the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia at the age of 18 where he became certified to design and teach. Since then he has founded East End Eden a 10 acre family operated permaculture demonstration site in Ojai, California where he teaches regular workshops and offers mentor-ship opportunities through farm work trade positions. East End Eden is also a nursery for varied perennial crops well suited to the bio-region. Connor also has a permaculture design and consulting company that offers clients sound advice for improving their yields and land value through applied ecological design.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Animal Management for Planetary Healing

    Counter to recent popular opinion, animals (livestock) have always been essential components of functional ecosystems. Human mismanagement of livestock has led to massive destruction of ecology and significant contribution to climate change. Livestock are often seen as the problem, but in fact they hold a crucial and unseen potential to be healing forces, beneficial ecosystem managers, carbon sequestration tools, and nutrient dense, sustainable food.

    90 min | Lucid University


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