Consent Panel – KristaLove Louise

Hear from a diversity of perspectives, including your own, and understand the many roles consent plays in our lives, from romantic partnership, to work relationships, friendship and community building, to conscious consideration for yourself and others. This panel discussion brings together widely experienced educators, sexual empowerment enthusiasts, and other healers dedicated to self-responsibility, autonomy and authentic expression. Explore the subtle aspects of relating, the on-going nature of consent, the spectrum of yes, and the potential for compassion and love in all your interactions. Leave this discussion inspired to step into your integrity and intuition with skills to experience the potency of intimacy with others, from emotional, energetic, physical and sexual consent, and all realms in between.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Consent Panel Discussion: Co-Creating Authentic, Honest & Respectful Connections

    This panel is a collaboration of sex educators and healers: Gregor Reti, Kristen M. Rivers (Manyrivers), Philippe Lewis, Ian MacKenzie, Dr. Rachel Striker and Shereen Choudhury (Shereen Sun), facilitated by KristaLove Louise Hagman.

    90 min | Lucid University

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