David Zunker

David Zunker is an inner plane initiate and Goddess Primary Pagan Priest. Trained in the Hermetic Qabala, Ceremonial Magic, Wicca, Tarot, Astrology, Teaching, and Meditation, he brings a broad base of wisdom to all that he imparts. He is here to share with you the direct experience of spiritual energy, knowledge, and techniques that will open your awareness to your individual spiritual Self. We will work/play together in a shared experience that encourages fellowship and fun.

David is a Psychic Reader, who uses Astrology, Tarot, Mediumship, and/or Palmistry to provide clients with guidance and the knowledge of the existence of their soul. He is not here to talk about visions and prophesy. He is here to give you tools to enrich your own life.

Workshops & Presentations

  •  “Robert Anton Wilson’s Ungrounding Meditation”

    Join David Zunker to participate in “Robert Anton Wilson’s Ungrounding Meditation”. This is a guided visualization meditation, which provides participants with a fresh and fun cosmic perspective of their life on Earth in this space/time matrix. Robert Antone Wilson is an author and modern philosopher. He may be best known for books, such as, “The Illuminati Trilogy”, “Prometheus Rising”, and the “Cosmic Trigger”. David learned this “un-grounding” from Robert Anton Wilson at a seminar Mr. Wilson presented in Vancouver in 1995. David will conduct the participants in a breath and visualization exercise called "The Middle Pillar" in preparation for the R.A.W. experience. This is a meditation integral to the Hermetic Qabala and Ceremonial Magic. Each participant will be encouraged and guided to create their own personal merkaba with their imagination, then raise their perspective into the galaxy around us.

    75 min | Warriors Way
  • "The Spiral Dance: a Wiccan Celebration of Life and Community"

    The Spiral: an ancient symbol connecting us with our ancient spiritual roots; a
    continuum that signifies the movement of energy.
    Through the Spiral Dance we are propelled slowly inward, toward reflection. Only when we have turned that small corner in the centre. are we provided the opportunity to connect to one another. With the momentum of the dance, we then share and expand outward. The Spiral Dance is conducted as a significant portion of a basic Wiccan Circle where the stated intention is to bring a healing connection and respect to our relationship with Nature and the Earth, and to share in a celebration of community. This involves the creation of the circle, the calling and establishment of the 4 quarters, elements, and directions, the statement of intention, the raising of energy through the spiral dance, chanting and drumming, the blessing, and the conclusion.

    This is a family friendly activity.

    90 min |
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