DelSol is an artistic collaboration formed between Delila Darling & SolRiso.  Together they embody the outward expression of the ‘Flow State’ and hope to redefine Happiness one Community, Workshop and Performance at a time.

Delila Santos (Delila Darlin’) is a multifaceted Artist who retains a high sense of proficiency amongst her increasingly wide range of talents.  Aside from being a Seamstress, Clothing Designer and Professional Performance Make-Up Artist, Delila captivates audiences with her unique Urban Dance, Burlesque, Pole, and Multi-Prop Hoop Performances.  She’s had a love for movement since an early age and has been a professional performer in the United States for 6 years.  In accompaniment to her accomplishments on stage, Delila expresses a love for her art forms by teaching a multitude of Workshops where she encourages a passionate expression of self through movement.

Enrico Vinholi (SolRiso) has been studying various forms of Martial Arts and Dance for a combined 14 years.  He fuses these two movement disciplines into his performances for what’s been described as a unique, fluid, and rhythmically precise  ‘Kung Flow’ style of movement.  His  performances demonstrate an organic sense of musicality and a high level proficiency with Single and Double Staff Spinning.  Aside from Dance and Fire Manipulation, Enrico devotes himself to Contact Dance and Partner Acrobatics and currently travels internationally training and teaching.

DelSol’s love for movement and their belief in the “healing power of movement art” is evident in their classes and by the way they connect with their students. Participants of these courses who come with an open mind and earnest willingness to engage will leave these classes with a greater sense of confidence towards their bodies and a heightened appreciation for movement art as a healing modality.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Gridded Movement

    Every Dancer or Object Manipulator should be familiar with the “Grid”. This class will introduce the conceptual foundations necessary to understanding Gridded Movement and how Object Manipulation (or Flow Arts) is guided by its patterns. Participants will leave this class with a heightened understanding of how Plane, Timing, Direction and Footwork formulate the Grid and how concepts like Isolations and Anti-Spins can be expanded with this multi-dimensional approach to understanding movement.

    This class designed to be easy enough for novice spinners to understand while still being provoking and expansive for advanced spinners. This workshop is especially beneficial for any flow artist who feels they have “plateaued” and would like to reassess some of the patterns, and rules in hopes of inspiring new concepts.

    60 min | Warriors Way
  • Therapeutic Partner Yoga

    This class is a must take for movement artists wanting to expand their partner body therapy techniques.

    Students will learn sequences where they safely lead their partners through effortless, gravity defying stretches which play on natural body alignment and ergonomic positioning. This class combines Breath-Work, Thai Massage, Acro-Yoga and Partner Stretching to curate a truly restorative partner therapy experience.

    60 min | Warriors Way
  • Beginners Contact Staff

    This class will incorporate drills and training exercises designed to teach participants how to comfortably control their bodies to manipulate a staff without their hands. Concepts like Body Positioning/ Prop Alignment, Propelling Force and Directional Timing will be broken down and students will leave with tips and drills which will set them up to be more successful Contact Staff Manipulators.

    60 min | Warriors Way


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