Dr. Johnny

John has traveled the tropics building biomass energy projects in third world countries for decades. Plants are living solar collection batteries and are the most efficient way to convert the suns energy into usable, clean and sustainable energy. We have a surplus of carbon in our planets atmosphere. We can capture this carbon by creating new plant matter and utilize this endless sources of energy. Our native plants have evolved to survive with only natural rainfall and nutrients. By utilizing our local native plants we can offset the carbon imbalance, create a living habitat and insure a livable planet for generations to come. All living things prosper when the correct native plant species are present. Balance is restored and the life-force is restored to the land. Join me as we work to heal the planet with green and growing life-force.

John has developed and facilitated over 50 workshops, symposiums and has taught plant science for many years in colleges and institutions around the world. His class participants take home a special and unique understanding of the dynamic and cyclic nature of our living ecosystem. He can captive audiences and focus on the “learning moment”.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Native plants, creating biodiversity and habitat, seed by seed.

    Collecting and planting local native seeds to create positive changes. We will discuss what types of seeds to collect and how to successfully plant them. We will also discuss the various methods used for plant propagation. Examples of harmonious plant communities will be detailed.

    120 min | Lucid University
  • Ethereal Ephemeral Intuited Meditations: How can plants guide your path to wellbeing

    This workshop addresses a heady topic; how can plants guide your path to enlightenment. Plants are used medicinally, as spiritual incantations, for utility, as sustenance and pleasure. Insight regarding the intimate relation that plants have with mankind and why we need to recognize and foster this connection. We will unlock this secret life of plants and gain a valuable, life altering understanding which will provide guidance and well-being. You will not forget this experience.

    90 min | Healers’ Sanctuary
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