Dr. Rachel

Dr. Rachel is a holistic healer in the arts of naturopathy, yoga, Thai massage, emotional clearance and energy work. She maintains a small private practice with the world-renowned herbalist Jillian Stansbury and also practices at an integrative care clinic in the Pacific Northwest. Dr. Rachel is passionate about teaching educational and empowerment workshops locally and abroad.

Dr. Rachel received her naturopathic medical degree from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona, and has been teaching yoga and practicing Thai massage for 7 years. She also has an undergraduate degree in psychology and gender and diversity studies from Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. Dr. Rachel loves to interweave the principles of her training and education with her own intuitive gifts and deep understanding of the human spirit. She has a particular interest in the fields of psychoneuroimmunology and consciousness studies. She uses this knowledge alongside many years of spiritual work and self-actualization to help people understand the root cause of their issues, heal deep seeded emotional wounds and awaken to the beauty within.

Alongside her twin flame, Dr. Rachel has been an avid festival participant since 2009 and is the mother of an amazing crystal child named Solomon. Together they love to travel, explore and create.

Workshops & Presentations

  • The Twin Flame Connection

    The Twin Flame symbolizes the original split from Source into the Divine Masculine/Divine Feminine, the Yin/Yang. In previous times, it was a rarity for the twin flame to be reincarnated into the same form at the same time but this is occurring more frequently to serve the higher purpose of elevated universal consciousness. In this class we will discuss the twin flame connection and other soul mate connections. We’ll discuss how the twin flame connection is of great importance to our process of ascension and how to navigate the waters of this powerful and sometimes volatile soul connection. We’ll discuss the subjects of merging of the 7 subtle bodies and a fully activated 12 chakra system with your twin flame. Learn what is like to be in a relationship with your mirrored self!

    75 min | Goddess Grove
  • Healing the Mother Wound

    In this class we will discuss deep-seeded ancestral wounds, in particular the Mother Wound. The pain of the Mother Wound includes: comparison, shame, attenuation and guilt; all leading to disempowerment. The Mother Wound can show up in many physical and emotional aspects of our lives and greatly affect our relationships. We will discuss the patriarchy’s role in creating the Mother Wound and the shifts that are occurring as the Divine Feminine rises again. We will discuss how our relationship with our mother is of great importance to understanding our deepest wounds and dharma, or life purpose. We will further discuss how ancestral wounds can be healed for ourselves, our entire ancestral chain, and future generations through recognition, compassionate understanding, forgiveness, choice and release.

    75 min | Lucid University
  • The Art of Svadhyaya (Self-Study)

    The fourth niyama (positive observance) of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra discusses the importance of svadhyaya [pronounced SVAD-YA-YA] or self-study. He said, “Study thy self, discover the divine.” In this class, we will discuss how observing our behaviors and their origins, embracing both our lightness and darkness, and understanding mirrored behaviors and triggers leads to self-awareness and self-actualization. We will come to understand the Self which lies beyond the body, thoughts, personality and emotions. We will also explore how to celebrate the pleasure of the awakening self and how to consciously navigate through our painful self-realizations.

    75 min | Lucid University
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