Erik Hjermstad

Erik Hjermstad is an ecological designer and permaculture practitioner from San Diego. His longtime experience in media and manufacturing now serves his passion for regenerative agriculture here in southern California. He is the creator of Cobfest, a barn-raising turned micro-festival that now serves as a prototype for open-source gathering platforms to effectively regenerate the world around us while having healthy fun with our friends.
Erik understands that to solve the ecological challenges facing our culture, we must cultivate powerful social collaborations to effectively aggregate our human resources into regenerative solutions.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Cultivating your Regenerative Lifestyle

    Explore how the principals of permaculture apply to consciously designing and creating a regenerative lifestyle for yourself and your community. Personal relationships with food, land, water, finances, government and community will all be covered in this discussion around how we may all create lives which are truly healthy for each other and for our world.

    75 min | Lucid University
  • Practical Permaculture Panel Discussion

    Learn how to include Permaculture into your garden and into your life, in this panel discussion with California Permaculture leaders Loren Luyendyke, Connor Jones, and Erik Hjermstad. The speakers will share information on gardening, small farming, community collaborations, rainwater harvesting and more. The discussion will include input from the audience to answer the real world questions which are present in our communities, relating to Permaculture and the way we choose to live.

    90 min | Lucid University

Festival Locations:

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