Exuro is a celebrated performance artist who has graced large scale stages at fire, flow, and juggling events around the world. A workshop from Exuro will include training methodology, techniques, and tricks suited to each students individual skill level. Every student is guaranteed to walk away with something new. For more information on Exuro and Insphyre Performance, visit www.insphyre.com

Workshops & Presentations

  • Cultivating your Community

    This is a group discussion on how you can influence the world around you to better itself through your participation in juggling, flow arts, and other creative outlets. We'll cover growing your local community and guiding others towards a positive life through our own actions.

    60 min | Warriors Way
  • Staff Juggling

    Whether you can juggle already or not, another world awaits when you pick up a third staff. Basic patterns are taught with the skills you need to branch out and have fun. For more advanced students, complex trickery and pattern construction will be covered. You'll learn the foundations of staff juggling so that you can explore after the class is completed.

    120 min | Warriors Way


Festival Locations:

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