Faeryn Rose

Faeryn Rose is a professional hoop dancer based in Los Angeles CA. Amplifying the vibe with her daring dance moves and full hearted hooping, Faeryn Rose knows how to weave a performance experience like none other. A mastermind of movement, this fiery fairy’s dance is utterly hypnotic as she lets the emotion, tone and rhythm of the music wind through her every inch.  While working in symbiotic partnership with performing music artists, she elevates the energy of the dance floor, creating a multi-faceted artistic presentation and elevating the experience of all those present.

Faeryn began her performance career in 2009 as the organizer and ring-mistress of a community circus titled Berzercus the Isla Vista Circus. In 2012 Faeryn moved to Los Angeles to pursue performance full time and has since founded the hoop duo The Electric Fairies, performed as a mermaid with Iridescence a Mermaid Tribe, as a clown with L’unkles Boink and as a dancer and character for the dance group Bijoulette. Currently Faeryn is a member of the Spin FX Hoop Troupe and performs regularly at the Teatro Martini Dinner show in Buena Park. Faeryn relishes in the pure joy of hoop dance, a bliss that is plainly evident from the supreme smile on her face each time she spins. She lives to share this joy with others and inspire others to find their flow.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Ecstatic Hoop Dance Flashmob

    Hey hoopers! Are you ready to make some magical hoop mischief out in the festival grounds? Come meet at the Flow space to partake in the second annual Lucidity Hoop Flash Mob! Bring a hoop, or several, if you've got them. If you don't come anyhow as there will be plenty to spare! Once gathered, we will march off in the direction of the closest tasty tunes and bring some hoop magic to the rest of Lucidi-land. What ensues will be an all out, move it or lose it, no holds bar ecstatic hoop dance jam where all are encouraged to run, jump, mingle, play and generally cause a complete ruckus.

    90 min | Warriors Way

Festival Locations:

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