Ferananda has a long career in the fields of Collective Intelligence and New Paradigm Economics. She is co-founder of VillageLab, an organization focused on Regenerative Whole Systems Design for Communities of purpose, place and practice.

She is a speaker, facilitator and social architect. Her passion is Wisdom-driven organizations, applied Sacred Economics and Deep Wealth Design. She is an active player of The MetaCurrency Project which is committed to leveraging organizing principles of living systems and currently in the creation of CEPTR, a compute platform for social computing and decentralized applications. She sits in the board of the Post-Growth Institute and The South Oregon TimeCoop.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Deep Wealth Design Workshop

    Our communities and organizations are Living Systems which require the capacity to collective shape, enable and manage large scale flows in order to change, evolve, share and collaborate. Within every community, ecosystem and organization there is deep value and flows happening all the time. This value is often confused with shallow numeric ways that leave out non-objects or things that can't be owned. In a Living Systems Model of Wealth currencies offer us the possibility to measure, map and make things visible in order to coordinate some of the deeper levels of value that really make Living Systems alive.

    Join us in the 'Deep Wealth Design Workshop' to understand and apply the principles of Living Systems, multiple levels of wealth and targeted currencies to your projects which activate vital flows of resources, information, participation and trust in your communities.

    I will want to give this with my partner Jeff Clearwater

    120 min | Lucid University


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