Geisty Bear

Geisty Bear has been diving deep into the human approach since he was sixteen and didn’t even know what that meant, or where he was going. All he knew, intuitively, was that something far better than the suburbia in which he grew up in, had to be possible. Something far more green and wonderful had to be outside of those god forsaken and lifeless cubical neighborhoods. The bleak state of our human habitats on Turtle Island has pushed him towards doing everything he can to initiate the creation of sacred habitats. To manifest that biblical notion of the Garden of Eden in every village.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Sacred Habitats

    Being the change is not a sacrifice but a gift. A journey into fulfillment of ones soul. For over a million years humans have been huddled around the fire sharing food and being on the move. Flowing with the herds and fruits in which we sustained ourselves. And in the last hundred centuries we’ve expanded our skill sets into the arena of shelter craft. Regrettably most of us today have been severed from this intrinsic drive, this innate ability to create our own villages and temples. In this talk we will explore how to find those skills again that lie within our psychic heritage. Together we can invoke dynamic and regenerative habitats.

    60 min | Lucid University
  • Ecotopian Futures

    In Berkeley, in 1975, a sci-fi future novel was created called "Ecotopia". After a nuclear power plant incident, the bioregion of the Pacific Northwest embarked on a new direction for the future. It consisted of solar power, free high speed bullet train transit, and sustainably grown food and forest products. The future is now!

    PS - Talk will be with Ryye N Flint, myself, and hopefully Magenta Ceiba

    90 min | Lucid University
  • Ecozoic Currencies

    Modern economics is an entropic fiasco shrouded in propaganda. 20th century economics is still a spoiled child. In this talk we will be exploring possible currency options for different ecologies. Currencies based on how many trees are growing in your bioregion. Imagine if your local currency was immune to economic ‘booms and busts’ because it was correlated with the cyclical regeneration of natural resources. This talk is about creating and achieving new bioregional currencies that breathe with the landscape and keep communities connected.

    30 min | Lucid City
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