Jami Deva

Jami Deva is a music and event producer who explores the further reaches of rhythm induced trance states, breakthrough breath-work, as well as the relationship of music, breath and movement.

A LifeStyle Design Mentor, Transformational Event Producer, Teacher, ecstatic dance facilitator & Qigong practitioner, his discography spans over 10 CDs of multiple genres and over 18 hours of state of the art binaural 432Hz soundscapes for meditation and healing. Jami is co-founder of Qi Revolution, one of the most successful transformational events that has been touring the US for over 10 years.

A Near Death Experience launched Jami into the Spirit realm over 20 years ago bringing him into the Quest for True Knowledge. He shares tools with others to assist in bringing them into the vast expanse of their own Divinity through a solid autonomous connection with the True Source of All That Is. He teaches about True Miracles and entering into a place within where one experiences the Miraculous unfolding in their life.

Workshops & Presentations

  • The Breath Empowerment

    The Breath Empowerment has been shared with over 40,000 people at live events throughout the US over the past 10 years. The 45 minute practice accelerates healing and physical energy with incredible sensation of vibration & heat. It generates so much internal energy that the process facilitates opening blocked channels of breath & meridians. It’s a great practice that is highly beneficial to do.

    Many people have shared that their experience of the Breath Empowerment was “BETTER than any drug!” Learn how to release the naturally occurring DMT from your brain’s pineal gland. Transformation is as simple as laying down and breathing. This is a great practice to penetrate blockages and experience the true BLISS master yogis have described.

    75 min | Healers’ Sanctuary
  • TUMO Breathing

    This technique is used by the Tibetan Monks to raise their internal energy while meditating naked in the freezing snow. By far the most effective breathing practice I have found in over 20 years or searching the world for the most potent and useful technique that can be done in less than 5 minutes. Shortform meditation and breathing techniques are becoming more and more important in our present light-speed paced society. I teach this technique in a way that you can leave the experience and have it for the rest of your life. It gently generates kundalini energy, silences the mind and brings the practitioner into a deep state of Gratitude and LOVE - there is nothing else like it. The class is also mixed in all original music attuned to 432Hz and created specifically to activate our DNA and subtle energy system.

    60 min | Healers’ Sanctuary
  • DevaDance

    We SHINE when we DANCE!
    Deva means "Shining One". Dancing clears us of anything we don't need and refuels us with SOURCE ENERGY - the PURE ESSENCE of who we truly are and we bring the highest frequency of LOVE into BEING! There is an energy that only dance can create. A community that dances together is a powerful and loving community.
    DevaDance is a sacred movement experience where all forms of dance are welcome. Freeform, contact improv, acro-yoga, meditative, social or private, ballroom, salsa, hip-hop, you name it. This is an ecstatic community dance experience in which everyone is invited to express their authenticity. Jami Deva who has over 10 years experience DJing in immersive sacred environments. We Gather to Dance our Prayers, Co-Create Magic and Miracles ~*~ Sending Blessings to All Beings! ~*~

    120 min | Warriors Way


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