Dreaming has been such an important part of my life, something I want to continually share with others. I began recording and studying my dreams at the age of 13 making it a daily practice to write, record, and map out what is happening in this dream time. Combining many theories in influences such as Carl young, Robert Moss, Dream Yoga and Stephen Aizenstat. I have participated in research for the University of Santa Cruz in 2014 also attending The Esalen Institute for a active dreaming workshop with Robert Moss. I am now taking all the experience and skills that I have learned over the years to help teach and guide others in their own daily practices and personal journeys through Community meet ups/ discussions , dream circles, dream tending , and workshops. Holding space to heal , experience, grow and create. My goal is to make our society and culture active dreamers once again.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Into to Dreaming

    This workshop will be a base and building block for remembering , writing and creating your dreams. Learning how to obtain lucidity in your waking life and carrying it on to your dream experiences. We will take a look at combining many different Western and eastern techniques and practices, Discovering the many benefits that comes with lucidity and dreaming. Such as Increased memory, Story telling and writing abilities, daily guidance in your life, filled with creative inspiration. Learn through open group sharing and discussions, active meditations and fun games.

    75 min | Lucid University
  • Dream Circles

    Dream Circles is a Dream Group. Allowing active and curious dreamers a safe and fun place to share dreaming/waking reality experiences, providing dream work for each other along with open discussions. This is also a time and place to be honoring the dreams we have by gaining insight and interpretations from ourselves and others

    Dreams have always been a major influence for many artist and inventors across all space time. We can inspire each other to keep dreaming and bring it back into our culture. Create works of art from our experiences , sharing writings, poems, music and performances ( anything that suits you )

    45 min | Lucid University
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