Jasmine Amara-Beaghler & Alan Bacock

Jasmine Amara-Beaghler is a water activist, photographer and spoken word artist who uses creativity and expression to influence and inspire the landscape of human consciousness. She recently walked 200 miles on a pilgrimage with activists from all over the world, photographing Southern California’s water story.

Alan Bacock is a Big Pine Tribal Member and serves as the Big Pine Paiute Tribe of the Owens Valley’s Water Program Coordinator.  He has been involved with environmental issues for the past 15 years working on behalf of tribes to protect the water, air and land for the future.  Currently, Alan is the co-chair of the Regional Tribal Operations Committee which brings together the 148 tribes in the Southwest and senior managers of the US Environmental Protection Agency to work on environmental issues affecting tribal communities.  He is also on the core team of Walking Water which is walking for water from Mono Lake to Los Angeles and is featured in Paya which documents the use of water in the Owens Valley by native people.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Water Stories of California

    Alan Bacock and Jasmine Amara will be presenting water stories of California's Owens Valley (one of the main sources of water for Los Angels for over 100 years). This workshop will be told through the indigenous story of water in the Owens Valley by Alan and through spoken word, photography and a discussion on human relationship to water by Jasmine.

    45 min | Lucid University

Festival Locations:

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