Jose Munoz

Jose is a Day Keeper from the Maya Chorti people. He is a Messenger delivering the new Sixth Sun Calendar for the New World, which started in December 22, 2012. He carries the word of the Mayan History from the years 1444 to 1529.
He is also the Guardian of a crystal skull called Kame Cimi the 33rd Crystal Skull or the “Manifestation Skull”. Originally found in a creek by a village in the Amazonias in Argentina, this crystal skull found its way to Japanese tourists and eventually was gifted to Jose Federico in 1992. Kame Cimi accompanies him everywhere in his participation in many ceremonies and meditations for World Peace.
Muñpz recently was entrusted with the Mongolian Skulls of Harmony, Peace and Love.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Intro to the New ancient 26000 Years Sacred Calendars

    The SIXTH SUN CALENDAR establishes a way where the practitioner can see himself in Past, Present, and Future. When we do this we can bring the memories from past life and childhood to the Present. Also, we can see ourselves in the Future and bring those memories from the Future into the Present. When we see ourselves this way we are always able to make the right decisions to create the future as we want.

    60 min | Lucid University
  • Crystal Skull Council

    We will discus truths and myths regarding ancient and modern crystal skulls as well as the properties of crystals and minerals. This council will include a variety of crystal skull stewards and crystal keepers from our community. Many crystal skulls will be present and all those who feel called to bring your medicine, please do.

    We will hold an 11:11am ceremony with the skulls gathered - so please be prompt at 11 so we can hold the sacred space and begin on time.

    30 min | Healers’ Sanctuary


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