KitCat has been hooping for 5 years, training in the circus arts for 6 years, and playing for 22 years! She began her hoop dance journey in San Diego, CA and now teaches regularly in Santa Barbara, CA. In addition to teaching beginner and intermediate classes at the UCSB Rec Center every week, KitCat holds a certificate in Health and Wellness from UCSB and ACE certification. She also has an extensive background in teaching workshops at festivals and loves the unique atmosphere that a festival brings for learning and playing. Hooping is a constant learning process and an endless project in self-discovery. Most importantly, hooping is a perfect tool for self-expression!

Workshops & Presentations

  • Explorations in Partner Hooping

    Designed for all levels of hoopers, this workshop allows participants to uncover the special connections that come from hooping with a partner or multiple partners! We will learn basic moves that can be manipulated to be done with a partner! We will then explore more complex moves and practice with different people to see how this changes the moves and shapes we can create!

    60 min | Warriors Way
  • Intro to Doubles - The Practice of Hoop Control

    Perfect for all levels of hoopers and prop manipulators. This hour is dedicated to gaining a better sense of control with the hoop and refining our dexterity. In this workshop, we will learn various drills to help maintain and understand how to keep the hoops in their desired planes and to help us more easily move through grip changes. Participants will learn various double hoop moves and work on developing a flow between movement with two hoops.

    60 min | Warriors Way
  • Floor to Foot Flow

    Designed for all levels of hoop dancers, this workshop will encourage playing with levels, while using the hoop as our guide. After a stretch and warm-up, participants will explore ways to come on and off of the floor following the path the hoop wants to take. We will then explore basic foot hooping, as well as foot and floor tricks, and ways to seamlessly enter and exit foot hooping. Feel free to bring your own hoop or yoga mat!

    60 min | Warriors Way


Festival Locations:

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