Lala Hernandez is a Traumatic Brain Injury survivor and artist. On October 14, 2014, she was hit by a car on her vespa and sustained a serious brain injury. Lala was left with a load of deficiencies including memory, attention span, pattern recognition, impulse control, loss of many social filters, etc. More importantly, she gained a new perspective on the world and her ability to paint.

Lala was always creative growing up, but never a painter. After her accident, all she could was paint. Lala painted 24/7. Her house, room, dog, were all covered in paint. She was attending therapy 5 days a week, seeing neurologists and working hard to regain what she had lost. What Lala didn’t know at the time was all of the amazing regrowth, stimulation and emotional healing that painting was doing for her. By following her passion and expressing her creativity, she was healing and growing.

Lala creates a safe container for sharing, learning and creating. Her work is to spread awareness of healing through creativity, not only the physical and chemical changes that can happen, but how those changes can effect your entire life in a positive way.

Workshops & Presentations

  • The Art of Healing: Recovery through Creation

    In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to learn about how creating art can heal brain, body and soul. Lala Hernandez suffered a Traumatic brain injury in a serious car accident. Through painting and creative expression, her condition improved immensely. Not only was there physical healing and growth in her brain, but there were chemical changes that brought her out of a serious depression. Lala is sharing her story about Traumatic Brain Injuries, and her knowledge of healing through creation, art and expression.

    45 min | Healers’ Sanctuary


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