Lisa Citore

Lisa Citore is a pleasure activist, performance artist, and a teacher of sacred sexuality. She has led Tantra workshops in southern California for over 10 years. She is the writer, director and producer of four theater productions: The Tao of Sex, Bloodlines/Women’s Moon Stories, Riding The Dragon and Keep It Wet. She has studied with top teachers in the field such as Margot Anand, Shakti Malan, Vajra Ma, David Deida, Michaela Boehm and Bodhi Avinasha. She has extensive knowledge of Goddess practices through the 13 Moon Mystery School. In 2015 she began the Women’s Sexual Mystery School, to liberate feminine sensuality, creativity, wisdom and power. She is the creator of Sexoscopes-astrology for your sex life. Her provocative rap music video, On Your Knees, hits the internet Feb 14 2016. She is currently working on her first book, The Pleasure Path. She does private intimacy coaching with couples and intuitive body reading massage and pelvic release work with women. The 2016 Women’s Sexual Mystery School series begins in April in Santa Barbara and now San Francisco. Get more info or sign up at For more information on her work, see and

Workshops & Presentations

  • Playing with Sexual Edges: A Workshop for Couples

    In this experiential Tantra workshop, couples will explore their dynamics to cultivate greater sensual intelligence, heighten pleasure and deeper intimacy.

    90 min | Goddess Grove
  • Sexual Constellational Workshop

    This group participative, shamanic workshop will explore healing the relationships between your body, mind, heart and sexuality, inner victim and violator, masculine and feminine, and all of your sexual influences and personas.

    90 min | Goddess Grove

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