Maamzi and Becky have been soul sisters for 30 years. Between them they have 7 children and 4 grandchildren and countless adopted neighborhood children. Maamzi has dedicated her life to raising her children and grandchildren. She believes in cultivating the free spirit in everyone around her. Spend five minutes with her and you will now what we mean. She was part of the original hippie movement and has lived its principles her entire life. Peace, Harmony and Love for Mother Earth is the core of her being. If you ask Maamzi where her home is she will tell you, Lucidity Family Garden.

Becky has an AA in Early Childhood Education and owned a preschool for almost a decade. Her philosophy was to nurture independent thinking through art, music and creative play. Maamzi was a favored guest as her magic bag was always full of art waiting to be made. Becky also homeschooled her girls and contributed countless hours volunteering in her community for children. From stagecraft, sewing costumes for school plays or community carnivals, whatever was going on she was sure to be part of it. These two are teaming up and bringing art and creative play for the children of their beloved Family Garden. You never know what Maamzi will have in her magic bag.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Magic Bubbles

    Come learn how to make homemade made bubble wands, magic bubble serum and take a crack at blowing gigantic bubbles with us. Children can take with them their bubble wands and a small bottle of our magic bubble serum.

    90 min | Family Garden
  • Recycled Art

    Come join us daily for a recycled art projects out of Maamzi's magic bag. Stained Glass Cd's, Fairy Houses, Dream Catchers and who knows what else she has hiding in her bag!

    75 min | Family Garden

Festival Locations:

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