Magnolia Rasak

Magnolia Rasak is a Yoga Instructor, Yoga Studio Manager, and Holistic Nutrition Consultant. She manages Divinitree Yoga and Arts Studio in Santa Barbara, and offers yoga classes in studio, at private retreats, and at workshops. She has been deeply touched by the practices of yoga, meditation and a holistic approach to living, and these principles serve as the foundation from which she guides and supports her clients into a loving, healthy and harmonious relationship with self, others and the Earth.

Magnolia began teaching yoga in 2003, and has traveled the world studying various styles of yoga including Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini, Tantra, and Prenatal. Her studies have guided her throughout India, Thailand, Mexico, Bali, and the U.S. She is drawn to the practice yoga not only for the asana (physical) benefits, but for the greater way of life that yoga encompasses. Non-violence, compassion, awareness, mindfulness, acceptance, and connection to all Beings.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Anahata Flow

    Anahata Flow is a breath centered, heart centered vinyasa flow class that offers a harmony of strength and grace. Participants will be given the space and support to safely deepen and transform their practice. Through organic, intuitive movement and thoughtfully choreographed sequencing, this powerful class encourages students to let go, listen to their body, breathe, sweat and be moved into the space of the heart. Bring your own mat.

    75 min | Warriors Way
  • Dissolving Into Savasana

    Come surrender into savasana! This class offers a series of slow, and gentle movements to soften and stretch your body before dissolving into a long and deep savasana meditation. You will be guided into a state of deep relaxation and peace, as the physical body dissolves and we open ourselves to the stillness of being. Bring a mat and/or any other props needed for a long savasana.

    45 min | Warriors Way


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