Mama Katie K

As a visionary, mother & educator of the next generation, Lucidity Festival allows Katie Kosmala to provide her children a more holistic education, beyond the classroom and textbook, utilizing natural resources available to them now in their environment. Katie brings her family to Lucidity every year because Family Garden engages their dreams and reveals the process in making them a reality. Katie believes in the value of natural world, crafting from what nature provides.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Conscious Candles To Go

    Learn to create Beeswax candles crafted from locally harvested beeswax and lavender. Take a little Lucidity light home with you, please join us for intention candle making Sunday Afternoon.

    120 min | Family Garden
  • Upcycled Adornment Creation

    Create personal adornments or fun decorations with upcycled machine parts and old electronics.

    120 min | Family Garden

Festival Locations:

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