25 years of being on the cutting edge of education alternatives and child advocacy have ripened into a dynamic vision and voice.

Kristen Rivers has always been a forward thinker in the field of education, empowerment and parenting. She has shared her extensive practices and philosophy with hundreds of families over the years providing family and individual coaching, mentoring and leadership as a Charter school Director, Educator, Speaker and Consultant.

Now, through she provides mentorship, classes, after school programs, summer camps, community events and day long empowerment intensives. Bringing her skills and workshops to the transformational festival community for the last four years, she has personally offered transformative experiences to hundreds of individuals.

She brings girls applicable tools, skills and information to live an empowered and authentic life. Her experience and demeanor create an atmosphere of trust and safety that allow individuals to drop into a place of vulnerable trust which she believes leads to happier, healthier lives.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Consent and Boundaries: Understanding, Creating and Living it

    What is consent and Why is it crucial to your life and the healing of the genders? What is the reality of living in a rape culture like for you? How might your relationships be different if you understood how to communicate boundaries and emotions? In this panel discussion we will focus on defining and understanding the complex world of consent as well how to create your sacred 'yes' and 'no'. Hear from a diverse spectrum of those working in the field of education, sexual empowerment and other healers dedicated to sacred self autonomy and authentic expression. Share your experiences and come away with some skills to use in relationships of all kinds, both personal and professional.

    90 min | Lucid University
  • Be a Sister First

    When you go out do you feel competition, insecurity and anxiety with other women as you explore new lovers and partners? Do you tend to fade out on your friends when you meet someone, or actively seek to undermine or feel undermined? Is this how it has to be?

    Join in this discussion regarding cultural female conditioning vs. What we know to be true about how women love and relate. There will be tips on communication and setting healthy boundaries. Redefine parameters of caring for your sisters and each other, to keep whole and grounded when dating and in relationship.

    Lend your story and ideas!

    90 min | Goddess Grove


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