Max Olson has been involved in the martial arts for the past 20 years. He is a direct student of Toshiharu Sawada Shihan of Aikido Kimori Dojo. Through his experiences he has come to understand that the true value in martial arts is not in the fighting techniques. But rather in the connection of being human, the being that stands between Heaven and Earth. Max’s exposure to Sawada Shihan’s teachings led him down path that exposed him to a common idea and image that is seen in many arts, such as the Traditional Chinese Martial Arts, Japanese Traditional Martial Arts, Yoga and Shingon Buddhism. This common thead is the “HEAVEN-EARTH-MAN”. The Heaven-Earth-Man is the body-mind-spirit connection that transcends sports, art and the spirit.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Building the Budo Body

    Building the Budo will expose participants to the basic ideas and fundamental exercises that prepare the body and mind to create the Heaven-Earth-Man within themselves. Key concepts with be imparted, the overall body model will be exposed and basic key mental and physical progressions will be introduced.

    60 min | Warriors Way
  • Building the Budo Body: Tools of the Trade

    In Building the Budo Body: Tools of the Trade participants will elevate their conceptual understanding of the Heaven-Earth-Man through physical training. Hidden within the martial techniques of the sword and the staff are key fundamental physical exercises that prepare the mind to receive teachings from the body.

    90 min | Warriors Way
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