Titus Joseph has a Bachelor’s degree in philosophy with a minor in religious studies and a Master’s degree in counseling. Mr. Joseph has worked throughout his life as a counselor and at present, he develops group homes for individuals with disabilities. Titus identifies most as a philosopher—which is to say, a lover of wisdom. Though grateful for his formal education, above all else, it’s the love of wisdom that motivates him and you will find out why as you read “Our Curious World of Mirror Images” (available at

Workshops & Presentations

  • Positional Symmetry (Requisite Mirror Image): The fundamental Principle of Consciousness and Being

    Titus Joseph MS, author of “Our Curious World of Mirror Images: Reflections on how Symmetry Frames the Universe, Empowers the Creative Process, and Provides Context to Shape our Lives” (available at, presents a mind-expanding seminar that draws on concepts from science, ancient philosophy, and religion, to unveil a bright new idea that explains how existing things spontaneously come into being via quantum entanglement processes—between mirror image poles.

    This new paradigm serves as a lens to facilitate understanding and optimizes consciousness for a more productive life. The end result inspires a spiritual impulse naturally as it explains the dual nature and symmetry we see prevalent throughout reality, and reconciles the divides between science and religion, and Eastern and Western paradigms. Change the way you see the world. Visit today.

    120 min | Lucid University

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