Michelle Lopez

Fermentologist Michelle Lopez, is skilled as a wildlife biologist and a southern California butterfly specialist, as well as a mother of one daughter and has ties to the native ancestry of this land. She is also the founder of the Ojai Food Co-op start-up and owner of Wild At Heart Ojai a fermentation business. She does fermented food and drink workshops at sustainable events throughout California.

Her passion is to empower people to ferment in-season veggies and fruit, that help aid in digestion and nutrition while optimizing the bounty of local produce we grow and receive living here in southern California. It is her intention to reignite the connection we once had with the land, animals and the microorganism that live all around us. She does this by fermenting homemade sauerkraut, pickles, green beans, ketchup, beet kvass ,salsa, kombucha, ginger ale, ginger beer,root beer and fruit sodas.

Workshops & Presentations

  • DIY Deodorant

    Come learn how to customize and make your own natural beautiful smelling and feeling deodorant in just a few simple steps.

    60 min | Lucid City
  • Ginger Bug Workshop

    Learn how to make a “Ginger Bug” and the know-how to create infinite soda possibilities! These sodas are fizzy and effervescent, naturally fermented and rich in probiotics -critical to gut health and immune system function."

    Workshop Includes:
    -An introduction to the world of fermentation
    -The benefits of fermentation in today’s society
    -The cultural history of fermentation.
    -Ways to incorporate more probiotics into your life
    -The medicinal benefits of fermented drinks
    ginger ale, root beer & fruit soda recipes!

    60 min | Lucid University
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