Nicholas Coolridge is a movement artist and recognizable athlete in the FreeRunning/Parkour and AcroYoga world. Many will know Nicholas from his kind spirited positive lifestyle and constant excitement for movement or by his breath taking stunts and electrifying energy seen on TV, social media or during live performances.

Fascinated with just about everything and being very open to new experiences and knowledge, you name it Nicholas has probably done it. Some of his more passionate hobbies besides defying gravity are cooking, playing piano, producing videos, working on cars, paragliding, woodwork, traveling, survival camping, and making random people smile.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Ninja skills 101

    This Ninja skills training workshop will go over the basics to becoming a ninja which include proper rolling technique to avoid injuries, handstands to increase upper body strength and awareness as well the the mind set needed to over come obstacles of fear and knowing the limits of your physical capabilities. We will continue with jumping, climbing, and other animalistic movements skills.

    75 min | Warriors Way
  • AcroYoga

    AcroYoga is an amazing way to train, stretch, and play with friends. This class will go over all the basic foundations to acro that will make this practice very easy and fun! As the class advances, we will get into flows and movements that will challenge and invigorate you. You will be flying with style and basing with confidence in no time!

    90 min | Warriors Way


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