Namast Dave

Dave Solomon is a Santa Cruz born seeker of truth whose passion in life is to learn, grow, love and inspire. Having traveled and lived throughout the many far corners of the globe, and having worn many different vocational hats, Dave found his true calling and purpose in living and teaching yoga. In yoga, Dave has discovered a sacred holistic science designed to integrate mind, body, and spirit to unlock each being’s highest potential as a creator of light on this planet. Dave is deeply honored to have the opportunity to teach and share this beautiful path with his fellow yogis and yoginis. A 200 hour RYT certified teacher, Dave completed his teacher training with Divinitree and the Divine Light Teacher’s Training Program.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Yogic Unity

    A fusion of breath, mantra, meditation, chanting, asana and sound to align, direct, ignite and unify energies at the festival.

    In this yoga class, you will be brought into deep states of stillness in order to utilize expanded fields of awareness already arising within the high vibratory communal consciousness of the Lucidity festival environment. Using breathwork, chanting, asana (yogic postures and movement), meditation and sound healing with 7 crystal bowls (quartz, tuned to the healing frequency of 432 hz and aligned to each chakra), we will harness and channel the resonant vibration, unifying energetic states and creating a yoga ceremony that will unify, align, and harmonize, leaving us feeling connected, refreshed, energized, and deeply purified. No experience necessary, only requirement is an open mind and a desire to nourish and be nourished.

    75 min | Warriors Way

Festival Locations:

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