Nuria Reed teaches from the heart. Her mission is to assist others in the realization of their true potential. Nuria was first introduced to yoga by her mother over fourteen years ago, and since those early senior stretch classes her practice has grown in both stillness and strength. Inspired by the creativity of Vinyasa Flow and the power of Ashtanga she combines grace, beauty and meditation with breath and heat to create a truly holistic practice.

In 2011 she made her first journey to India and has returned every year since to immerse herself in the source of the teachings of yoga. Nuria favors a non-dogmatic approach to asana — rather than getting caught up in the shape and form of the practice she continually guides her students with laughter and humility back to the truth of us all, the love and divinity that already exists within us. Her classes have been described as deeply transformative, challenging, creative, intimate and playful. Nuria has studied with many inspirational and senior teachers; among her influences are Heather Elton, Rachel Zinman, John Weddepohl, Emil Wendel and Robert P. Goldman.

Nuria continues to challenge herself and her students to explore their ideas of themselves through their breath and experiences with their bodies on the mat. Nuria is also an avid writer and when not writing or studying Advaita Vedanta, she can be found playing in the ocean.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Devotional Flow with Live Music by Akal Dub

    Strong devotional flow with extended deep relaxation; live music by Akal Dub. The flow builds in waves of movement, breath and music. Each successive wave bringing you deeper into connection with yourself. Come, be with yourself and relax.

    75 min | Warriors Way
  • California Flow

    This class is taught in conjunction with the natural rhythms of the moon and tides. The flow is strong, dynamic and builds in waves. Each wave of movement goes deeper and stronger into the postures, allowing the students to advance as the body and mind open up. Peak classes on the full moon and softer classes on the new moon. Expect strong breath practice, fun transitions, inversions and arm balances.

    90 min | Warriors Way
  • Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra. Live Music by Akal Dub

    Deep relaxation occurs when we put to rest the mental and emotional turbulence of our lives. Yogic slee

    30 min |

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