One Breath

Rabia Hayek travels the globe teaching people how to use their breathing in ways they never have, in order to awaken Life Force like never before. In 2006, Rabia had a powerful, global vision to unite 1 billion people to consciously breathe together on planet Earth and the online technology, Do As One, that he helped architect continues to be used to unite people in breathing as one at large scale events. He continues to share this power through a modality he calls Life Force Mastery, designed to have you breathing life force to awaken the superhero inside and unleash it to the world!

Workshops & Presentations

  • One Light & One Breath Activation

    Join together in the launch of One Light - a pulsing globe that is intended to synch participants breath, unifying the field from where ever one can see it from the festival. Explore and learn about the power of breath and unification through breath work from founder of, Rabia Hayek. Take part in a community breath work activation!

    60 min | Healers’ Sanctuary
  • Spoken Word with Rabia Hayek, Lyricist Ize & Astarius Miraculii

    Experience the powerful vibration of Consciously spoken word. Rabia Hayek, Lyricist Ize, and Astarius Miraculii share their vocal alchemistry to uplift and connect you with what you already know to be true, on a deep soul level.

    60 min | Healers’ Sanctuary


Festival Locations:

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