Patrick Stevens

Patrick Stevens is an artisan that crafts, performs, and teaches the Didgeridoo. He has dove deeply into the sound of the ancient instrument and fallen in love with the Didgeridoo after having formal training playing brass instruments such as trumpet and tuba. He has lead multiple workshops at recent Joshua Tree Music Festival’s teaching the instrument as well as guided sound healing for many yoga classes. Patrick┬áteaches┬álessons around San Luis Obispo where he is finishing his Art Degree at Cal Poly University. He believes the Didgeridoo has the power to change lives and is ecstatic to help unlock people’s capabilities!

Workshops & Presentations

  • Beginning and Advanced Techniques of Didgeridoo

    Come to learn or improve your skills playing the Didgeridoo! Bring your own or play one that will be provided. This workshop will be interactive and provide an opportunity to ask questions individually about playing techniques or challenges.

    The topics that will be covered:
    -The Buzz
    -Animal Sounds / Vocalization
    -Trumpet Toots
    -Circular and Bounce Breathing
    -Drop Jaw
    -Rhythm Development and Poly Rhythm

    60 min | Healers’ Sanctuary
  • Learn the Didgeridoo!

    Bring the kids to learn how to play DIdgeridoo! Didgeridoos will be provided for children of all ages and skill levels. It is so important for children to become involved in music to nourish creativity and this instrument is perfect to help develop lip control (potentially for other wind instruments in the future!) and self confidence. Children often very easily can start playing and make a solid sound with no trouble. Come see what the youngsters are capable of!

    30 min | Family Garden


Festival Locations:

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