Paul Leech & Sally Starbuck

Paul leech and Sally Starbuck (award winning private design practice at, Ireland, have worked internationally for the UN, the EU commission, and the Irish Government, reinforcing their sense of the global implications of local work. They are founding members of GAIA international (1990), a working network of ecologically minded professionals, meeting again Fall 2016, Norway, at Hurdal, combining research, polemic and practice in sustainable built environment.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Ecotecture for the Anthropocene- European Perspectives

    Workshop, starting with two interleaved presentations by Sally Starbuck (England) and Paul Leech (Ireland) of Gaia Ecotecture . The transcendent art and enabling science of ecotecture, as we practice it in Europe over the last 40 years, is an evolutionary practical technique to evolve in the Anthropocene: Then open discussion, aimed a strategies & tactics of transition, and methodology .

    60 min | Lucid University

Festival Locations:

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