Penelope Pendragon ~ The WiSHing Faery

With raised glasses and a round of cheer,
We welcome Penelope Pendragon this year
In verse and rhyme she tells many tales
About life successes and life’s fails
And that the attitude coming from you
Is what helps get your Wishes to come true
Young or Old, Big or Small
Such wonderful lessons for one and for all

Hailing from the Magical Land of Made Belief, storyteller and wise woman, Penelope V. Pendragon comes to Lucidity seeking to awaken the MaGiC in everyone she encounters. With a robust imagination paired with a solid understanding of the power of positive thinking, Penelope “edu-tains” children (ages 8-88) with her Seussian style and her Faery flair.
“Attitude is everything!” she explains with passion, “It determines whether you are happy or sad, joyful or mad… whether life is good or bad. Attitude is what directs your boat… It keeps you and your boat, afloat.”
Her whimsical ways and amazing association of acronyms keep both children and adults entertained as she educates on Feeding Faeries (positive thinking), Starving Goblins (negative thinking) and how to get WiSHes to come true (manifestation).
Penelope figures if she can teach everyone HOW to think vs. WHAT to think, it will change the future and we will have peace in this world.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Amazingly Accurate Acronyms

    Positive Thought meets Dr. Seuss, when storyteller Penelope V. Pendragon, aka: The WiSHing Faery shares her Amazingly Accurate Acronyms right here at Lucidity.

    In this talk, words like LOVE, LiFE, BLiSS, and PEACE will get redefined in your mind and you will learn what you can do so your very best WiSHes will come true.
    (WiSH = What is Stated, Happens)

    Filled with inspiration ~ imagination ~ rhythm ~ and rhyme
    Everyone is sure to have a MaGiCal time!

    PS: This workshop is really great for ages 8 to 88!

    30 min | Family Garden
  • Feed the Faeries! Starve the Goblins!

    Positive Thought meets Dr. Seuss, when storyteller Penelope V. Pendragon, aka: The WiSHing Faery tells tales about how to Feed the Faeries (positive energy) and Starve the Goblins (negative energy) so that your very best WiSHes will come true (manifestation).

    In this Whimsical Workshop, kids of all ages enjoy chasing a bounty of big beautiful bubbles while learning how to Feed the Faeries and make the Goblins go away (it is your choice whether or not they stay.) Because Faeries feed off your good energy, the Goblins feed off the bad. So as you can imagine, those Faeries want to keep you happy, but the Goblins want to keep you sad. In this workshop, Penelope will teach you how to feed the Faeries so your best WiSHes come true.

    This workshop is good for all ages, even the little ones.

    30 min | Family Garden
  • How to get your best WiSHes to come true

    Positive Thought meets Dr. Seuss, when storyteller Penelope V. Pendragon, aka: The WiSHing Faery, teaches you how to manifest the very, very Faery best.

    This Wonderful WiSHing Workshop will teach you how to get your very best WiSHes to come true as Penelope Pendragon does a review of a formula that teaches you what to do if you have a WiSH that you WiSH to pursue.

    Whether your WiSH is for Love, Health, Wisdom or Wealth, Penelope can show you what you already do that might be making your worst WiSHes come true (WiSH=What is Stated, Happens)

    In this workshop she does rhyme… but not all the time.

    Note: This workshop is best for pre-teen and up. Little ones get lost in the vocabulary.

    60 min | Family Garden


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