Priya Deepika

I am committed to integrative solutions through creativity, advocacy and healing. I am a practitioner, coach and consultant in proactive mediation, sound healing, harmonious collaborations, and dynamic leadership. I facilitate meaningful dialogue to bring greater understanding and effectiveness. I am committed to restoring a harmonic balance between relations of all things, guided by heart wisdom and empowering each person’s innate knowing and informing the collective truth.

After 15 years in the field of human rights and immigration law, I have transitioned into social entrepreneurship, integrating heart wisdom with a professional posture. I perform at, host and curate events throughout Southern California. I am deeply rooted in my Southern Indian culture, soul and starseed family values, earth-stewardship and driven by my passions in music, dance, sound healing, community empowerment and transformational event production.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Sound is Medicine

    Vocal and sound healing techniques and tools to establish a daily practice with your Voice. Experience the beauty and depth of devotion through your voice. Learn simple daily practices to open up the voice, focus the mind and experience greater joy and relaxation.

    Access your inner strength and energy with breath and tone. Align your mind-body and heart-soul connection through your voice. Strengthen your voice with yogic practices of mindfulness, intention, posture and breathwork. Empower your vocal creativity with sacred sounds and melodic scales. Discover your innate creativity, confidence and self-expression. Learn to listen into the silence and discover your heart’s song! Uncover the sweet surrender of your soul’s resonance deep within the center of your being.

    This event is accessible and welcome to all levels of participants. No previous music or sound healing experience is required

    75 min | Lovers’ Nest
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