Ram Rai

Ram Rai teaches weekly Kundalini Yoga as well as Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga and Dance classes in Northern California in addition to traveling to teach at festivals and other events. He works to support communities of transformation and empowerment by sharing practical techniques to improve health, wellbeing and effectiveness. Honoring the traditional wisdom of ancient yogic traditions as a foundation he teaches how to become liberated through living in your excellence in service to the world. Recognizing the constant flow of consciousness simultaneously towards collective unity and back out towards each individual’s finite expression of life he works to help people to marvel in the experience of life while at the same time not getting lost in it. He works to create an effective environment for each individual to build the character and commitment necessary to reach their full human potential.

Workshops & Presentations

  • The Cycles of Creation and the 5 States of Lucidity

    Existance is constantly in a state of flux. All thought and matter are continuously moving through the cycles of creating, organizing, destroying and coming to stillness. Throughout this process consciousness itself is continuously moving up and down through the 5 states of lucidity; Mundane, Awakening, Awake, Liberated, and Enlightened. In this workshop, we will learn to distinguish between these states and explore the tools and techniques commonly used to successfully navigate these states in both your normal and dreaming consciousness.

    120 min | Lucid University
  • Contact Flow

    Contact Flow unlocks the potential of embodied movement meditation in each and every step with your partner. This workshop will offer skills to connect with a partner on the dance floor with the use of multiple elements such as rhythm, music, touch and breath awareness. In contact flow, the body becomes a conduit for your energetic essence and begins to meld with another's as the breath begins to harmonize with the movement. Awareness is key here. This workshop is offered as a tantric meditative practice allowing you to safely explore the sensations of expressing yourself creatively with your partner. As your unique rhythm combines with your partner's, you create an alchemy of synergistic contact flow unlike any other.

    120 min | Warriors Way
  • Kundalini Yoga for Ecstasy and Majesty

    It is your birthright to live a life of ecstasy and to be embodied and empowered as your most majestic soul-expression, connected to the wisdom and unity of your divine nature, and fulfilling your soul’s purpose. Kundalini Yoga is an ancient yogic technology that utilizes very specific orchestrated patterns of movements, breathing, meditation and sound that work to guide the body and mind towards these ends. It is a Raj yoga, a royal yoga designed to elevate people to their highest platform of excellence.

    120 min | Warriors Way
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